Low Buy Year Update: April

Time is flying and it’s already almost May. How I spent my money in the month of April and how my budget for the rest of the year looks like you will find below. April […]

Low Buy Year: March Update

March was a month of mixed shopping feelings. I did well for most of it but screwed up a little at the end. Let’s dive right in and have a look at the purchases made […]

A women dancing at a pier by the water with a bird sitting next to her. The colours are neutral. The dance pose is strong and beautiful.

It’s The Moments When You Want To Quit That Count

With any commitment comes challenge. Days when you don’t feel like showing up. Days when you tell yourself that it’s not as important as you thought it was. Maybe that’s true – maybe achieving the […]

The Effects Of Sugar On My Health

Most of us know that sugar isn’t healthy. We are being told to not consume sugar because it is bad for our dental health and can lead to inflammation in the body. Diabetes and obesity […]

It’s About The Little Wins

Graduating, getting a job, getting a promotion – all these big life events are portrayed as the biggest achievements in one’s life; the days that make us, the days that are of utmost importance. In […]

Low Buy Year: February Update

After having completed a No Buy Year in 2022 and spending a little too much the following year, I figured 2024 is a good year to do a Low Buy Year. In this post, I […]

The Soft Skill Paradox

Some of the most wanted skills at work are soft skills. Teamwork, being able to communicate clearly, listening to others, giving constructive feedback… Those are all highly valued skills in the professional field. So why […]

How To Have Fun Without Spending Money

Living in the city I realized it’s hard to have fun without spending money. This can be quite a downer when you’re on a budget. So in this blog post, I’d like to share some […]

A Year Without Buying

In 2022 I did a No Buy Year. It was truly a challenge and gave me a lot of perspective. Today, I’d like to share some of the notes I took throughout the year and […]

My (almost) 4000$ Mistake

Outside pressure, be it obvious or unconscious, has such an enormous impact on our behavior. I know, this might make you roll your eyes, but I thought I wasn’t impacted, influenced or manipulated by advertisements, […]

Low Buy Year 2024 January Update: Success!

Welcome to the first update of my Low Buy Year. This update covers how my spending went in the month of January as well as any thoughts I had regarding the challenge. How did it […]

My Low Buy Year 2024

In 2022 I did a No Buy Year. It was a fun and at the same time tricky experience. Buying nothing but the essentials, e.g. groceries or toothpaste you run out of can be quite […]

My Goals for 2024

Early Bird I know, it’s only the middle of September – but so what. Getting motivated and starting to think about what you want to achieve in the next year is always beneficial, no matter […]

Do You Know When You Can Retire?

Have you heard of fire? F.I.R.E. stand for Financial Independence Retire Early. The concept is that you invest enough money to live off of your investments and become financially independent. For some this could mean […]

Making Goals Achievable

Sometimes, goals can be daunting. Saving 100.000$ in 7 years sounds like a big dream out of reach. Saving 14.285 $ a year still does. But saving 1.190$ a month suddenly seems like it’s within […]

On money

Money is such a diverse topic. Some of us grow up without thinking about it, while for others their whole universe circles around it. Some say money doesn’t matter. Others say money equals happiness. I […]